Temporal Response Function Tutorial

For the TRF hands-on session, please go to the CNSP-Workshop resources page and download the ‘TRF tutorial’ by Lalor and Crosse (halfway down the page, just before Datasets). Use the password “CNSPd@ta2021” to unzip the folder containing code and data.

For anyone having difficulties downloading or accessing the material, we will have them on hand at the tutorial session.

To participate in the tutorial exercises, you will need to have access to MATLAB. You will also need the following MATLAB packages which we provide in the tutorial folder:

  1. CNSP utils
  3. mTRF-Toolbox (v2)

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Mick & Ed

Hi all,

Due to this afternoons sessions being cancelled on campus, we will hold the tutorial over zoom ( https://rochester.zoom.us/j/93969165769). Please download the material as instructed above and we will try to get through everything as planned.

Mick & Ed


Hello, when will the seminar be held?
I seem to have missed this seminar because I joined the forum late?